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Can I Work and Collect Social Security Disability?

One of the major concerns that individuals have in regard to Social Security Disability is how working will affect benefits. While each individual's situation is completely different and every case will differ, there are some general principles that people should know about.

How Work Affects Your Benefits

One of the most frequently asked questions that our law firm receives is "Can I work and continue to collect SSD?" In general, it is possible to work — to a limited extent. So what does that mean?

  • It is possible to be considered disabled if you work and earn less than $1,070 per month in gross earnings.
  • Because handling a claim is a long process, you may go back to work and still receive payment for the period of time you were out of work.
  • If you are uncertain whether work is an option, you should consult an attorney. If you have difficulty and worked for less than three months, it can be considered an unsuccessful work attempt.

While these are some generic examples, it is crucial that you talk with an attorney about your situation because each situation is different from the next.

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