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Filing a Disability Claim

Do you find the thought of filing a disability claim daunting? If you do, you are not alone. Many individuals visit attorneys to help with the process of filing a Social Security Disability claim. It is a smart idea to have someone who is familiar with the process guide you through step-by-step.

Disability Claim Process

  • You will be asked to provide background information about your situation.
  • You will be asked about any medical treatment you have had. This usually involves the doctors who you have seen and letting the government know who to contact.
  • Your file is then handed to a Social Security office that makes disability decisions.
  • That office will obtain medical records and send them to a contracted private physician to review the information.

Remember that many claims are denied on the first application. If your claim was denied, do not lose hope. A very high percentage of claims are denied. We will appeal the denial on your behalf.

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If you are looking for a lawyer to assist you in filing your disability claim, you have come to the right place. The Law Offices of Sara Kafshi, LLP has handled many thousands of claims and knows the process well. To schedule an initial consultation with an attorney, contact us by email or by calling 877-938-9241.